In the month of July, Cordoba becomes the City of the Guitar click to read.

The Cordoba Guitar Festival is one of the cultural highlights of the city over the summer period. The Festival has gathered momentum and popularity both nationally and internationally, thanks to the top quality artists and excellent teachers who take part, and offers two complementary areas. The first of these is called the Training Programme, with courses in guitar making, ancient guitar, classical guitar, flamenco guitar or guitar styles old and new, as well as courses in musical composition for the guitar, flamenco dance and flamenco singing. The other area is the Programme of Major Concerts and Shows, which takes place all over the city, in such evocative venues as the Grand Theatre, the Castle of the Christian Monarchs, the Royal Stables, the Congress Palace, Plaza Capuchinos, the Corredera Square, the Potro Inn or the Plaza de Tierra Andaluza, transforms the nights of Cordoba into a real delight.

The festival has seen over the years some of the biggest names in flamenco, modern guitar, jazz guitar and classical or ancient music.

Artists: Scorpions, Sabaton


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The Cordoba Fair is usually held at the end of May, to mark the feast of Our Lady of la Salud (Health).

The special fairground in el Arenal is very easy to get to and horse-riders and men or women in gypsy dress can be seen in the casetas (individual enclosures belonging to each association) which are laid out in orderly rows in the different streets of the fairground. All the casetas are public, and the doors are open for visitors to enter any they like, which is half the fun of it all.

The uplifting sound of Sevillanas, the fino wine, the tapas, the Cordoban hat and the peinetas (ornamental combs worn by the women) make the Cordoba Fair as amazing an experience as any of the other Andalusian fairs.

During the time of the fair, there are a number of important bullfights held at the Los Califas Bullring starring the best known bullfighters of the day.